Saturday, July 2, 2011


As Wikipedia has it, the word "serendipity" was coined by Horace Walpole in 1754 upon reading a Persian fairy tale called "The Three Princes of Serendip." The heroes of this story, Walpole wrote, "were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of."

I was "not in quest of" crosses in my brick patterns, but there they are. There's a "major" cross:

And a "minor" cross:

What I intended is the square-in-the-center star design I've written about before - a central square, four squares at each of its corners, and four long bricks extending in four directions from the center:

This was the starting point for the whole pattern; I repeated it at regular intervals up, down and across the wall, then just filled in the spaces between with various sized bricks in ways that seemed most natural and balanced to my eye. So any other shape that appears in this wall was not my intention. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that I've only just noticed the crosses - in the built wall - though I've been staring at my drawings of this wall for a year.


  1. This is awesome! I can't wait to show it to Bryan.

  2. Thanks Rachel! Glad you found the blog. Feel free to explore the construction if you happen to be walking by. And thanks for helping me get the land.. building this house would be much more difficult without it ;)