Sunday, January 12, 2014


Since I concluded the last post with some thoughts about landscaping, I thought I would start my series of updates with some pictures I took of the property this past fall. I mentioned that there are not a lot of trees that change color here, and that I would like to plant some that do. That's still the case, but when I looked closer late last year, I found more leafy celebrations of fall than I expected. This was in late afternoon one day, when the lower angles of sunlight turned leaves to glowing emeralds, rubies and gold.

This tiny tree along the south edge of the property had the most striking red leaves of all, despite being one of the smallest. So I call it David.

Its leaves were so saturated with color seen nowhere else on site that it caught my eye from the porch, fifty feet away.

Then there was this baby maple on fire, also along the south side.

More typical though are leaves that turn more of a yellow-brown or rust color.

Certainly not unattractive, but eventually I would like to have more color popping out of the pines.

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