Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crazy Architect with Building Permit

Receiving that thick yellow piece of paper was the exclamation point at the end of a long Monday, which also included the closing of my construction loan. Below is a summary of the schedule for that day, which I wrote out for myself three different times over the weekend just to be sure I didn't forget anything, or do anything out of order.

Sometime before 10 a.m.: Call Progress Energy to schedule meeting at site to discuss options for power pole location.

Sometime before noon: Call guy doing sewer and water taps, clearing and driveway pipe to schedule meeting on site. (After tagging with red tape the major trees to be removed, but not removing the yellow tags that the surveyor placed on ALL the trees, I wanted to make real clear to this guy what these different colors mean.)

11:30 a.m.: Leave work and stop by bank for cashier's check for loan closing fee. (For these thousands of dollars I don't actually get anything. Well, except the loan. It's money I have to pay to get money.)

12:00 p.m.: Drop off checking account application forms and proof of current address to other bank (the one giving me the loan). (Must happen before closing at 2:00!)

12:30 p.m.: Lunch. (Yes, I scheduled this; otherwise I would have missed it.)

1:00: Meet Progress Energy person at site. (Found out that my power pole can be placed at either of the two front corners of my property, and that all trees within 15 feet of the pole and lines have to be removed. My site is a forest. Still deciding which location will require the removal of the fewest quality trees.)

1:30: Leave for loan closing at attorney's office. (Signed a bunch of papers I didn't read.)

2:45: To sewer and water company to pay impact fees. (These were over $4,500, just to tap into existing lines, which, outrageously, is actually lower than some other local areas. This was also required to complete my building permit application, which the building inspector approved six months ago. So, finally...)

3:30: To County Permitting Office with sewer/water payment receipt to get building permit. (Which costed $730, bringing my total spending for the day to over $8,200. I haven't built anything yet!)

5:00: Meet at site with sewer/water, clearing/driveway guy. (We walked the site and I interpreted the tag colors. He said he's going to bring ONE other guy out for this job, as opposed to the usual half dozen, in order to be especially careful about what gets cut - easing my nerves immensely.)

6:00: Go home for the evening. Place building permit in clear view. Eat pizza. Drink beer.

Tomorrow may bring the first actual work on site, if the rain isn't too heavy: installation of the driveway pipe and felling of the first trees. I'm confident this guy will do it right, but I still have to be there for this..


  1. Congrats, who ever though a piece of paper could hold such promise! Enjoying the journey...

  2. So EXciting!! and EXhausting and EXpensive and EXtraordinary and..... I couldn't think of anything else with EX :)

    I hope to get out of this germ fog soon so we can share more in this journey with you!
    Awesome job brother, so happy for yoU!!!! :)

  3. Raynette and Kenny EdgeFebruary 3, 2011 at 8:19 PM

    Congratulations! Long overdue. Have you thought about underground utilities. May save you a few trees.

  4. Thanks, y'all. Randi, I thought of Raymond today as I watched the big red dump truck ride around ;) Bet he would enjoy seeing some of the work out there. Hope you guys get to come out sometime. Get well!

    Raynette, I did ask the guy about running power underground, but that would require running wires from a pole on my neighbor's property, thus digging up their yard, which I would have to get permission for, of course... and from the D.O.T., AND the power company wouldn't pay for it, etc. etc. So I decided to rule that out... for now. Power WILL run underground from my new pole to my house, so at least that part isn't an issue.

  5. Chris I just realized you replied to many of my comments hehehe. Raymond would LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch all this. This week at school they learned about building and he even painted floor plans. Isn't that awesome?!?!?! God is so cool how he weaves everything together for us to learn/teach!!!! :)