Saturday, May 5, 2012

Skins of Steel and Glass

The installation of the corrugated, galvanized steel panels for the porch roof and parapet walls is complete. Here are some views of the porch roof from below:

And from above:

Here also you can see the 2 x 8 cypress cap that was added to the tops of the parapet walls. Below, my sister demonstrates that it makes for a fine walking surface. I like walkable architecture.

The rest of the roofing is complete as well. I followed my sister's lead and hopped up on the parapet wall for some shots.

All that remains is to add wood decking to the roof surface, and metal grating over the gutters - which will likely not happen until well after the house is finished.

That cap was the final piece of the wood siding work. I like the look of it against the metal.

Here are a couple of my favorite views of the siding after it was completed, the edge of the parapet cap just visible at the top.

At the courtyard, above the porch roof, wood ends and metal begins:

Below the porch roof, wood ends and glass begins:

Speaking of glass...  From the appearance above that I now have two identical covered porches, you can tell that some of the glass has been installed in the window wall. I'm still waiting for the other, even larger panes. And the operable windows. The larger panes were a couple of weeks late to begin with, and when they did arrive the window installer noticed a defect in them and sent them back.

Completing this glass installation, which includes two aluminum doors, is a crucial step, since the next material to go in tends to get stolen - ductwork and electrical wiring. So we shouldn't start that until the house can be locked up. But the remaining glass panes are supposed to get installed next week, and in a few weeks the aluminum doors should in.

Meanwhile, the main entry door - in the Great Room - is being crafted out of solid wood in a local shop. In a matter of weeks I could have a key to this house. That will be a special milestone.

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