Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Glass Wall - Part Two

All the glass has now been installed in the window wall. This part of the work delayed the project by several months. The local company that ordered and installed the glass was not the problem; it was the manufacturer that produces the custom panes. I had heard before this storefront got started that glass production was slow, but I never imagined it would be this slow. So now I'm in a bit of a rush to finish - in October, my bank has warned. It will be tough, but doable, I think. If it takes a miracle or two, I'm comfortable with that. This project has had a thousand ways to die already, and yet here it is. What's another few?

One pane that went in since my first post about the glass was this one at the end of the wall, where it transitions to wood siding:

This pane is one of several that make up the north wall of the third bedroom, shown below from inside, with the window open. This bedroom is the only one out of the three that has floor-to-ceiling glass as one of its walls.

To the far right of the above photo you can almost tell that the panes for the corner hadn't been installed. Those took a bit longer.

I like that glass offers both transparency and reflection. Below you can see both the courtyard behind me and three of the small windows on the back side of the house.

And we have a corner! I'm glad I decided not to put a mullion here; it's a nice effect. It adds to the expression of continuous wrapping around the courtyard (emphasized also by the exterior siding) that I wanted for this part of the house. The shot below is from the same bedroom as before, now with the corner panes installed.

There's a vertical black line where the two panes attach to each other.

Which at some angles disappears entirely in the reflection.

Looking through the corner to the Great Room, above; and at the corner from the Great Room, below. There's a jewel-like quality to it at some times of day.

The 4-inch gap between structure and glass:

A few more shots from inside:

From outside, I had to be careful not to obscure my face with the camera. Ha ha. No, generally I just tried to stay out of view. A shot below capturing the variety of materials - wood, glass, aluminum, brick... and sunlight.

See that shimmer of metal along the ceiling at the far far right? Exposed ductwork. Next post.

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