Saturday, July 14, 2012


"...the temple's firm towering makes visible the invisible space of air. The steadfastness of the work contrasts with the surge of the surf, and its own repose brings out the raging of the sea."
(Martin Heidegger, The Origin of the Work of Art)

Here's a four-minute video I put together using time-lapse clips of the house in sunlight as well as slow motion clips from a walk-through I did during a rainstorm. I set it to a Norwegian traditional song called "Nu Solen Gar Ned," rendered exquisitely by a group of three female singers, Trio Mediaeval. What, does that not seem appropriate for a 21st-century house in North America? I didn't get it either until I saw the translation of the title: "The Sun is Setting." Both the house and the music were conceived with the passing of the sun in mind. There's also a general otherworldiness to this music that I've hoped would be a characteristic of my house as well - otherworldly, but in responding to experiences common to humans everywhere in place and time (such as the sunset), also universal.

This house does come with a soundtrack, and one that keeps growing. This song has been added to it.

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